radiomigrationO      negating ouroborosO      drivel .001O      wasteland & further; waiting for a slaughterO      november is a month of ghostsO      transformations // extremesO      ravages of predetermined snow -O      dulled.O      il partoO      ne temps pas.O      expansionistic intimacyO      heavy cloudsO      making cracks in the sidewalk so i have something to step over;O      a slight dervish of mood.O      whiplash & a pair of scissorsO      dark rain on a sunday night; jesusrain?O      drivel about stupid people.O      pendulous sorrow, blooming like tomatoes on the vineO      the crushing loadO      wrong ocean, bubO      even my heartbeat is smiling between beatsO      another gray sundayO      this entry is only to update.O      motion in a still lifeO      lump in my throatO      dwindleO      strange weather patterns, and calm windsO      outsideinsideO      peevish narcissusO      shift_O      exhale slowly; grin a little.O      bad weather patterns in my lungsO      response to Dreamland;O      the waiting game.O      dog day journal, part one;O      a quickie;O      my larynx is an empty box & a hoarse moth flutters out;O      rooks & knights (rb8+! nxb8)O      uptempo, catch the downswing & ride it till dawnO      (+sadphonic)O      [click]O      a bit calmer -O      roughly meaningless.O      violent piano wishing.O      lonesome late night, punctuated by the flare of wet matches & hairbrush tugsO      szerelem, szerelemO      sadness comes when you start to miss memories that aren't yoursO      disaffectation; or, knowing an entry sucks and not being able to do anything about itO      a duel of doves, a murder of crowsO      riding the biorhythm's gentle increase like a rollercoaster; expectant and breathless, wishing. something.O      the second star in orion's belt has gone out, but the light from it is still travelling towards us, tonight we look up in surprise, it's gone outO      in pain.O      a Jill entryO      redemption is found in an empty glass of lemonade, in the powder at the bottomO      tongue-sword unsheathed, doing battle with a number of grendelsO      atlas escapes, and the world levitates.O      human sextant,O      sunrise, a beautiful throat through which all of the souls of the world are regurgitated fromO      a few steps short of the Romantic Ideal, that's me!O      seawatersalt&no surprises.O      devoured by insects, and other sundry tales sure to semi-fascinate youO      upchucking&other such things.O      it's a hanging kind of nightO      l'enfant terribleO      derelict ships sail placidly in the thick night skyO      fantodsO      women & the universe speak in tongues i can't comprehendO      something i'm sure is close to the inversion of gravity;O      eva cassidy sings autumn leaves. inside, i am all jagged horizons and crumbling buildings; it's raining on&off, clouds diverge and reconvene wickedly over the sun - this is the landscape of my heartO      dreidel that always lands on 'nun'O      eyes closed, foot tappingO      hearts stars cloversO      discovering eva cassidyO      poor Noah, he stepped out of his Ark and God laughed and sent the rains again!O      an interval of grey;O      clearing my throatO      the great HollownessO      in short, i'm irritated and misanthropic. so if you don't think that's what you want to hear now, don't read this.O      in seriatim; quam quam stultior.O      blugalooO      JasonŽO      mindless ranting about stagnationO      punchdrunk;O      crazy dogs out tonight, bayingO      exeunt depressioO      sometimes i don't think i'm worthy of my skeletonO      in quarantine;O      the screamer rendered furiously muteO      i am the meteorologist of the heartO      early morning wake-upO      a horse, champing at the bitO      the only thing this night is missing is the mournful sound of a train-whistleO      inhale, exhaleO      the Western LandsO      and jonah swallowed the whale, bit by bitO      squinted eyesO      a __________O      night-wakeful cyclesO      you'll see, i'll be amazingO      personal entropyO      sunburn, peelingO      change in the pocket of my jeansO      the phenomenon of a loose tongueO      no tongues here, only welts on the skin and gaping red mouthsO      if it snowed, it couldn't be more appropriate - weathersky is down, kiddies, and the chalkboard is snapped in twoO      soleil decouverte a mes mainsO      eleison, ma mere, eleison a votre compagnie et vos filsO      OWO      i am near to the centre of the revolving roomO      a mild claustrophobiaO      staccato heartbeats give away the true rhythm of the nightO      new anthems to breathe,O      c'mon, talk to meO      shit, so THAT'S gravity?O      i have so much nostalgia for a past i never livedO      i wear my heart on my sleeve, my clothing is soaked with rainO      sunlight in through the window with a radiator's hissO      an inevitable horizon. looming. look,O      to the tune of lassitudeO      new iterations)O      the night tasted like fruit and we bit into itO      lemonade on the lawnO      the sun is not a horse you can rideO      cerberus' head unfurls in the smoke plumesO      sehr gut?O      gray-muzzled skyO      cottonO      anatomy(explanation 001)O      i dissolve into morsecode, dot dot dotO      interregnum-disconnected;[zilch]O      wolfhound dreamsO      seeing the shadowO      i will evolve past thisO      i live in a house painted by magritteO      corey's glovesO      everywhere you go ... "O      i am not don juan-quixoteO      a deluge of blank polaroidsO      daylight saves, just like JesusO      i am productive & settled.O      i am waiting for the downpour to ceaseO      bright eyes & switchfootO      the war in me, or, jack [] comes outO      discontinuedO      stop-stop-go (red lighted arrow turn left)O      spiderwebs accumulate in the desire-cornersO      only slightly relevant to the matter at hand; digressiveO      obscenityO      oh, ain't that americaO      the blinds have been shut. light leaks through.O      the backyard is missing something -O      black trenchcoat, $9.95O      "your hands are so smooth...O      go fly over a building, supermanO      ah, pucka lipsO      je parle francaisO      endymion stopped dreaming?O      it creepsO      with a capital RO      coastal disturbancesO      backstage, the war begins firstO      and ten centsO      i reinvent myselfO      i listen to the days getting slower like a rubberband unstretchingO      the failed alchemist of wordsO      some dark & black loathingO      jongleurO      thomas edison, couldn't you have left well enough alone?O      coaxing a thunderstorm from memoryO      one more bottlecapO      i suddenly seek a new forest of innocence to hide inO      symphonies of wakingO      & when it melts?O      white short-sleeved shirtO      o frail loneliness, you are not what emily dickinson spoke ofO      juxtaposed with the unseasonableO      the Howling bombdropO      forty words &/or no winksO      enshrouded, a blizzard of ghostsO      adjunct to SleepO      first?O